i would really like to make a WHOLE LIKE THING like some website or SOMETHING just DEDICATED to all the things i like
and like music is one of them, right?
there's a lot of albums and songs i just like and i think I'M GOING TO REVIVE THIS AGAIN

there's a site called chickensmoothie that i was on and used to like, do stuff
but there's a lot of restrictions because it needs to be kid friendly, and i'm working with bbcode.
i'm really good with bbcode, but it's nowhere near as flexible and fun and cool as like... html. html + css + js is super dope, but the issue is, i don't know jackshit about it.
i discovered this thing called neocites and i think... this is my time to learn how to code a website!! it's so fun so far.
my fingers hurt from typing tho. maybe i need a new keyboard HEHE